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My first pregnancy was an awesome experience largely thanks to the support of my Midwife. I always found her easy to talk to from the outset and felt comfortable being around her. She was also very supportive, particularly when we found out I had gestational diabetes. Not long before my son was born I was told that there was a high chance something could happen to him by the obstetrician I had to see. When I told my Midwife this and that I was really worried about my baby she reassured me that everything would be ok and reminded me that he had been healthy throughout the pregnancy. I left the clinic that day feeling much more confident about seeing a healthy baby boy when he was born. When I have my next child I will definitely be looking her up to be my midwife again.

From Nat, Ash & Hayden :-)

Thanks to MIDWIVES@BOTANY, I really loved my first pregnancy. You made everything so clear and understandable and assured me everything was fine when I was freaking out. During labour I had minor complications with baby but you handled everything so well and so at ease. You are an amazing midwife and I'm so blessed to have had you walk alongside me during pregnancy and birth. You are such a beautiful person!


Lots of love from Levi and Layton Monroe ❤️

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me during my pregnancy and delivery and bringing Oliver safely into the world. You do an amazing job and Gilgor and I will forever be greatful for the important roleyou have had in our lives

Thanks again- Jessica, Gilgor and Oliver

I am really pleased with my Midwife and her help during my pregnancy and delivery. She was really caring and understanding. Always asked me what I want and also told me about my rights. She asked about my feelings as well after pregnancy and throughout, which made me feel good


I had the absolute pleasure of having Midwives@Botany as my midwife for all my babies (in 2008, 2009 and 2011). From our very first meeting with her, my husband and I were met with love and care, our questions and concerns were always taken seriously, and we quickly came to trust Margie implicitly. 

We thought she was great caring for me throughout my entire pregnancy, and when it came to the birth she was even better than we could have ever expected. She was always in complete control, she's calm, patient and loving, and I just felt so empowered by her. 

She truly made all 3 of my births amazing!

We'd moved to Wellington before the birth of my 3rd child, but drove up to Auckland for the birth, so Margie could deliver our final baby. That's how much she meant to us. I couldn't imagine a better midwife!


Thank you MIDWIVES@BOTANY for being such a wonderful supportive loving caring kind reassuring beautiful midwife to me. You made my pregnancy so lovely, I felt in such safe hands during the birth (I'll never forget the moment you arrived how relieved I was to hear your voice and loved to feel your arm around me), and your love and support and reassurance in those very hard early first weeks meant the world to me. Thank you for being a great woman and making each mother you care for feel so important and loved.
Your hugs are the best x
Love you & thank you x

Entering motherhood for the first time is an exciting, yet daunting experience. I am extremely grateful to have had Midwives@Botany as my midwife because her caring, calm and positive nature made me feel comfortable straight away.
I really appreciate the support Midwives@Botany gave me during the birth of my precious baby girl.
They were calm, encouraging and kept me well informed throughout the entire process. Because of these lovely ladies I had a positive birthingexperience.
I want to say a big thank you to Midwives@Botany for your dedication, expertise and support throughout my pregnancy, birth and first few weeks with Quinn.
You played a massive role in an exciting new stage in our lives, I appreciate
everything you have done for my expanding family!



We were lucky enough to have Midwives@Botany birth my 3 beautiful babies. The care, support and kindness she gave me (and husband) is something we will be forever grateful for. Midwives@Botany was always right there to talk me through my concerns and share a laugh which helped to put me at ease especially in those moments of birth where I questioned my own strength and ability. She is so good at what she does, calm and comforting yet she knew how to talk to me to get my mind back in the game when it counted.  I really don't think I would have been able to do it without her. So much so that when our 3rd was born we temporarily re located closer just so we could have her birth our son.  I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Midwives@Botany as a midwife and the amazing botany midwives team, best choice we made having them be part of our journey xx "


I look back on my pregnancy and the birth of my baby girl with such delight. Midwives@Botanywas my midwife for my first baby born in July this year and I could not recommend her enough. kind, caring, compassionate, experienced, knowledgeable and trusting are just a few of the amazing traits that Midwives@Botany holds. I felt so well looked after throughout my whole pregnancy and I had the most amazing birth thanks to Midwives@Botany and the trainee midwife that was present. I know exactly who to call for baby number two. We cant thank you enough for delivering our baby safely into our world, Much love.



Bex, Dominko and Leo xxx

Dear Midwives @ Botany

We just wanted to say a Big thank you for helping us to deliver our son MAx. The birth was the most incredible experience and I am really grateful for the way you coached me through

Kylie xx


Dearest Midwives@Botany

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me during my pregnancy, my labour and since the birth of our oh-so-lovely Aaron. Your expertise, your personal experience and your incredible knowledge made me feel so safe and in good hands, while your patience, kindness and generosity proved to me that I made the right choice when I called you several months ago. I could not have wished for a better Midwife to guide me and support me through the amazing journey that this has been- and continues to be! Though birth was definitely one of the hardest things I have done, You found ways to make it easier. With your supportive and empowering words, and now that the dust has settled, I keep such beautiful memories of that life-changing moment. You are very humble, but what you do every day is extraordinary. Thinking back at Aaron's birth, I will forever be filled with love and gratitude

Sincerely, Carolyn 

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